Friday, June 23, 2006

I guess the Swiss really are obsessed with time. The 3 (!) different church bells right outside my hotel window, were going off every 15 (!!!) minutes, to mark the hour, and every quarter of an hour in between. (yes, throughout the night as well!) So needless to say, the light- sleeper that I am, I actually didn't really sleep for the entire week. But the lake calmed me down and the music was beautiful and I was pretty impressed with orchestra and with the conductor John Axelrod, who is young and energetic, and as charismatic as all my big time conductor friends. So we had a good musical time together.( And "Bravo" from me to the enthusiastic Luzern audience!)
What went wrong was that my little baby laptop died on me. I think it must be one of my nightmares (other than forgetting my lines in an opera or losing my teeth while singing). But not having my COMPUTER with me, when I need it most; in a foreign land where communication is my savior and Skype, MSN and AOL messengers are like a life line to me; THAT was bad.
Of course, I got over it, got back to the old days tricks: calling cards and renting out strange computers.(where the Z and the Y and the question marks are all misplaced!) But I guess I managed.
So my little one is going to be looked at tomorrow, and I hope it can be revived, although I am more and more convinced that MAC is probably going to be my next love.


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