Sunday, June 18, 2006

Post flight, Luzern.

After seven little hours on the plane, here I am at this wonderfully charming little town of Lucerne. It is so pretty, and I haven't even walked around yet. I just saw it from the window of my pick up limo (ooh nicey nice!) but I am dead tired, so I will have to do my usual anti - jet leg routine of 3 hours nap and then forced awake- ness until 10 PM local time.
As for my new travel pillow: Sure, it is sweet to have the option of landing your head forward onto a soft (faux suede) surface. It is actually really lovely. I think I am pretty happy with the purchase ($42) generally, although (frankly), I still didn't sleep even for a little minute. But again; Can't blame it on the poor pillow can I ...
PS *Thank God* for the wireless signal going around my tiny little hotel! Sometimes I feel that this is the only thing in life that makes me complete!


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