Thursday, June 15, 2006

Gonna give it a try!

As a frequent traveler, I do everything to ease the hardship of flying, everything from 4 wheel super- suitcases to noise canceling headphones, and now, I saw this wonder at skymall.
It actually makes a lot of sense to me:{ "SkyRest
Travel Pillow. Rest or sleep in comfort in any seat!Tired of restless attemps to
sleep on flights, layovers, train, bus or car trips? Just when you're about to
nod off, your head falls and you're wide awake again! If you find this
frequently happening to you, then you need SkyRest. It works with gravity rather
than against it. Lay your head down on SkyRest's soft pillow top and drift off
to a restful nap. Because it's inflatable, SkyRest is extremely lightweight and
portable. It takes up very little room in your carry-on bag. Simply inflate in a
few minutes and it's ready to use. Inflation and deflation is fast and easy with
special removable deflation valve. This product is an extremely versatile
traveling companion and has even proven effective for use by wheelchair-bound
individuals, allowing them to rest sitting up"} and even though I am taking the risk of being laughed at by the other passengers, I still bought it and will try it on my flight to Zurich on Saturday. Will report my opinion soon!


Blogger TJM said...

I'm dying to find out how you like this product. Hope you'll report about it soon.

2:31 PM  
Blogger Singin'rin said...

Here is a bit more on the pillow: ( after trying it out on my looooong way to Australia!!!):
It helps a little bit. I DID use it and fell asleep on it. it's a nice option to have, as I mentioned before, HOWEVER, here is the trouble: you do stretch your back just to lean forward, so it is not all that comfortable. also, the pillow blows up to a pretty big size, so when you want to change position or stop using it, you HAVE to let the air out. It's just too big to keep it in front of you unless you actually are using it. Overall grade: 6.5 out of 10. (not necessary but still good to have especially if you don't have a winow next to your head.)

10:57 PM  

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