Monday, June 19, 2006

It's 10:47 AM in Lucerne. It's 5:47 PM in Tokyo.

OK, OK,I KNOW I am in Lucerne, and it's so beautiful here and all, but today I can tell you:
I am officially jealous of my friends in Japan. {from covers to choreographers to coaches to singers and conductors to plain rich fans! the whole freaking world (but little moi) seems to be there!}
You know,my silly blog was created in my beloved Tokyo. A city I very strangely feel (and funnily enough have ALWAYS felt) longing for; bizarre , deep fascination with that whole Asian thing. I can't really explain it.
So today, after seeing the new photos from the press conference, and reading a bit of a singer's blog who is there too ,I am again feeling bitter for not taking part in the word's most happening operatic event. *A note for Peter Gelb: ok, I am ready! (smooch).


Anonymous Giorgia said...

Me too (jealous of people being in Japan now, that is.), for a zillion good reasons (great architecture, real japanese food, *huge* opera event, my mate taking part to huge opera event surrounded by great architecture and eating real japanese food etc...). Humph.

12:07 PM  

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