Sunday, July 23, 2006


It was so nice to get back home. The flight could not have been more endless; I think I watched all 4 movies on the way from Sydney, and didn't sleep a minute. (I can't even remember what those movies were...). My plane from LA was late, and by the time I got back into the house, it's been about 26 hours of traveling. But it was definitely worth it. I got to relax a bit, after a few month of being caught in career-oriented minor hysteria ( I get it from time to time when there are no jobs coming in and I start feeling worthless). I need to remember to get away sometimes, away from NYC; the city of ruthless ambition and achievement, away from my MET star friends , away from managers and voice teachers and Lincoln Center and all the people in it; it's good to start breathing normally again, after a few days with the koalas (and family in-law!).
I was supposed to go to visit my family in Israel. A few birthdays to celebrate, a very old and fragile grandmother to kiss maybe only once more, and a few childhood friends to catch up with. But I cancelled. I am being logical and responsible,(especially for my husband's sake and for the New York City Opera), but I still can't help but feeling pretty shitty about it, and I feel mostly horrible for not being there together with my parents who duck in their room every time a missile flies over their town, waiting. It's a ghost town, they say. No people on the streets, no cars, no shops open. The sirens go off and then blasts, sometimes too close.


Blogger Giorgia said...

Apparently, UN crisis talks over here in Rome were pointless, since there's been no cease-fire or anything. Not that I was thinking they were getting anywhere sitting around a table without most mid-east representatives, still I hoped it would've worked somehow.

1:37 PM  
Blogger Singin'rin said...

Thanx cara; we all hope together that something would happen soon to end this stupidity... it's no big fun for either side...

2:14 PM  
Anonymous Amnon said...

Just to adjust your remarks:
It's no stupidity, but a nation defending itself against terror!!
We don't enjoy this (qouting Bush) shit, but we didn't start it!! Iran is providing misiles and rockets to our "neighbours" to use them against helpless civilians, so we also wait for the ending, but not without makin it final (NO MORE WAR!!!)

2:43 PM  
Anonymous giorgia said...

Amnon - you're somehow right, but also somehow wrong at the same time. I reckon that a nation can't defend itself from terror using terror, no matter who started it first. There's always somebody who started it first, but if others keep responding with the same behaviour I really don't know who's most to blame in the end. I'm not saying one should say "oh, right, you're bombing me, nevermind, please do keep doing so, mi casa es tu casa...", but surely there must be other ways to stop it all, don't you think?

11:49 AM  

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