Saturday, July 01, 2006


Philadelphia used to be my home for nine years. My little greenhouse, were I was so carefully taken care of, nourished and formed. There I have become me, really. Being back was quite wonderful. The city has changed a bit; Many more restaurants, cafes and little stores, but the same specific smell and the beautiful Rittenhouse square where I used to hang out and the trees and buildings and my old school... I had a blast. Met with some good old friends who still live there, and I was put at the Sofitel hotel which is a marvel, absolutely marvel! I mean, I've been to lots and lots of hotels; good bad and fabulous, but this one on 17th street in Philly, is one of the later. What a bed!
Concert went very well and I am looking forward to going back there for my next Philly thingy.


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