Thursday, July 13, 2006

Oz time

Melbourne is great. (And even though they still haven't discovered the wireless and broadband magic in Australia) it is just beautiful here; A city I could call home, I swear I could, if it only were a bit..Hmmm... Nearer?...
Mom-in-law took us to hear Midori (sweet little Midori , but since it was our second night here, I fell asleep during...nodding on and off...) then see the Sydney Dance Company with a new fantastic show by Graeme Murphy , then to the zoo (that's my one and only request whenever I come to Australia; visit the magnificent animals they've got here!) . We also saw a comedy show with our friend the fabulously funny Hung Le, and ate lots of Vietnamese noodles and Chinese Dim Sum (here called "Yum cha" for some strange reason). I bought me a breath -taking new (blood-red!) designer gown that will be great for orchestral concerts and Gala performences ( And:aaah, it is so good to spend only 0.75 for each dollar!) and changed my flight to a bit earlier so I can run an errand or two at home before flying again. Busy busy. PS Will post some photos of gown when I get it (tailored and perfect). Getting ready to go to the local pub (I hope they got my sparkling Shiraz ready!) and meet up with some friends. No worries mate!


Blogger Giorgia said...

> Will post some photos of gown when I get it (tailored and perfect).

I'm curious! No, I mean really. Also, well done on having it tailored straight away - I went to see a concert version of Mozart's Don Giovanni here in Rome a couple of months ago, and, well, bloody Donna Anna was wearing a lovely gown, only she forgot to get it tailored (say, she's some 5ft5 tall, the gown was maybe made for a 6ft tall person, I reckon...), and we kept worrying she could syumble into it for three hours...that's no good, tsk tsk!

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