Thursday, July 27, 2006

Dancing queen

Ahh it was fun getting out last night, for a "party". It was actually this kind of V.I.P thing that my friends Julio and Lar were invited to, at a club downtown on 10th Ave . To tell you the truth , it's been years since I hit the clubs, (I mean: the serious urban ones) especially in NYC, where it's pretty clear that you need to BE a hardcore club-kid to be able to attend. I used to stumble upon those crazy dancing places when I was younger and single, but I actually haven't intentionally gone to one forever. So we had to go through a few screening stages by a few bouncers, (but we were "allowed through" due to our close connections to the party organizer...) and after a short (industrial, loft-like) elevator ride,(oooh!) we finally got in to a large, dark space which had a bar, dance floor, famous D.J, segregated mattress'ed niches all around the corners, and lots, I mean LOTS of club kids dancing (or not) and cheering for the famous D.J. (can you please explain to me WHY this guy is so famous? I can do the same tricks on my GarageBand program on my little MAC!). If you are "lucky" to get your own mattress corner, you must be very special; (as we were,woohoo). A waitress arrives with a huge tray on which there's a wide selection of drinks (Paris Hilton probably gets a similar service!). Then you choose the bev (or bevS) of your dreams, (we went for a bottle of champagne to start with). Then you stretch out on your mattress and feel the unbelievable loudness of the beat raising the hair on your butt. (no, even more: massaging your intestines...) It's kinda fun if you can bear the decibels and the dancing with hundreds of sweaty clubbies around you.
I managed to do so for a little while, but that was enough for the next few years. Back to the (adult) opera world.


Anonymous Amnon said...

Beware that sort of "music"!! It could harm your hearing with non reversible damage!!
Next time take with some ear plugs, if you attend to go....

8:07 AM  

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