Sunday, August 27, 2006

(2nd week of rehearsals,NYC)

Ahhh so nice to be working "from home" once in a while: Sleep in my own bed, have a nice breakfast with my love in our new kitchen, dress up (I would like to say that not living out of a suitcase increase your possibilities to "endless" but alas it is not so! "I've got NOTHING to wear,damnit!") and after rehearsal enjoy the city with all the people and places and things which make it my home.
This will be my 6th Carmen production, and by now I have learnt a few tricks to make it easier to sustain the stamina needed for this huge role, with no worries what so ever. {if you really want to know some of them, here we go: lipsink when the chorus is singing loud, not give too much here, but wait till this or that point, make the tenor who is seemingly trying to strangle me, cover my ears with his palms while singing directly at me,(so I don't go deaf), swallow my saliva purposely on a brief breath in between two difficult phrases (that's to lower the larynx) and ask for a drink of water set on stage as part of my props. Stuff like that.} This coming week we are getting into higher gear, starting to run the show, and in no time, I am being Carmenized in New York City!


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