Sunday, September 10, 2006

From hell with love

Saturday came; In the morning I woke up inflamed and coughing yellow gunk out of my lungs. Not good. I started gently to warm my voice. Singing on MMM, just exploring the togetherness of the cords. So far it was well, but after an hour and a half of light warm ups, my voice still was only quarter the volume, my left ear was plugged, and I just was weak and desperate.
I called Dr. Kessler and he agreed to see me (on the weekend!) an hour later.
At the office, he thought that on the top of everything else, I got water in my ear, I got (from the previous antibiotics) yeast infection of the mouth, and so he prescribed some other meds beside what I was already taking , PLUS the magic shot: the one nobody talks about: cortisone. That's the same as the steroids sports people take before a big race, get caught and dismissed. It's the drug that will "undo" anything bad in your system; Only for a short while. After that you might be in more of a shit, but for an emergency, singers who are determined as I am; you bet ya, they go for it! Yup. I've been working my ass way to hard, I've sung 3 different roles here so I can get to do this one: The Jewell in the crown, My favorite. City Opera called 4 times to ask if I was canceling. " Only DEATH would make me cancel" I promised. So.. Luckily I didn't die... I got the shot. I fainted, but I didn't die.
I paced my self pretty carefully throughout the show, giving less where I didn't have to be loud, Dancing and running less, being a bit more ..hmm.. "Elegant" Carmen let's say :). Steamed in between each number, Drank my water, gargled, ate power bars, apples, did everything within my strength to keep going. But in the middle of act one, I was already feeling wasted. Sweaty and chilly, and my low notes were starting to go... All I needed was to go through act 2 well; That's the hardest bit of the entire opera. For the entire act I am on; dancing , fighting, being loud, being furious, being wild. (All while singing of course..). My dear manager, voice teacher,and husband have been calling me in between every act "You are doing great!!" "keep it on!" Cheering me up, pushing me to go on.
I managed. I went through all of it. To the end. Thank God. It's over. I did it. Now I got 4 days to get better until the next one.
I thank all who were involved in helping me, to go through this. Woah.


Blogger nickwallacesmith said...

Hi! We are very different. I am an academic: semiotic theory. But, maybe not so strangely, I have been reading your blog and really involved with it. I've travelled lots and DO have a long-standing interest in opera: early '70's+. So Renata Tebaldi in 73 at the end of her career, Callas at those disasterous concerts really after the end of her career, Sutherland and Birgitt Neilson ... . So I'll keep reading and 'Commenting' if this is not a diary for you and if I'm not being nosy! My blog will give you the wrong idea, though there is serious sexual politics there too. Nick (aka Alex)

12:51 PM  
Blogger Singin'rin said...

welcome to my blog! all comments welcome :)

3:04 PM  
Blogger Canadienne said...

I feel your pain and I have been there. Kudos to you for soldiering on - singing sick is really hard to do, and I don't know if I'd have the guts to get the cortisone shot.

Toi toi toi for the rest of the run.

12:24 PM  
Blogger Singin'rin said...

Hey, thanks!! :)

2:50 PM  

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