Wednesday, September 06, 2006

ok, ok, nevermind the review...

Just give me back my health, please.
We went to see this beautiful movie "Little miss sunshine" on Monday , 7:50 PM showing.
By 10:30 PM I was feeling sick; Red throat, runny nose. By midnight I was starting to freak out, and from then till about 7 AM I was awake, feeling like shit, and panicking about the dress rehearsal which I absolutely HAVE to do since it's the only time, first and last, we get on stage, with the set, costumes etc.
By 4 PM on Tuesday, my manager got me an appointment with the established Dr. Kessler on West 67th street. (Fabulous New York; Where else would you step into a doctor's office where all the walls are covered with signed thank you CD's by Mariah Carey , Lisa Minelli, Jessica Simpson, and 2000 other very famous pop and opera stars...).
I got a sinus infection. Cords are alright, but I need to drain all the stuff before it hits the cords and chest, and get strong for Saturday. (I usually don't rush to the doctor and I hate taking pills (other than my natural Ying Chiao), but when it's only 3 days away from opening night, I will take any measures to ensure my ability to perform!)
By 5:15 I was sitting in the makeup chair getting my makeup and wig, and by 7 we started the rehearsal. Me: sweaty and fainted, lipsinking to the singing of the second cast Carmen, (which was truly beautiful, talented,flawless singing; the kind that frankly, wouldn't really cheer one up , when one's so down and unable...), but I passed that too. Now I am in bed. Till Saturday.


Blogger ACB said...

Sending good vibes! You can do it.

12:14 AM  
Blogger Singin'rin said...

Thanks... fingers crossed... :{

7:27 PM  

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