Wednesday, September 13, 2006

No salvation (yet) (don't bother reading; rant 4self)

It's been nine days since I developed this cold. I've been home the entire time, other than the doctor visits and the dress rehearsal/ show I had to do. Been good, eating up nasty harsh meds (very much against my belief, by the way!), staying in bed, vocalizing lightly , drinking lots of water and tea, and all that sheisse. I 'flunked' the freaking paper, I was too sick and so I couldn't save the production or my own self. I lost.
( You see: all of these past events make me so damn negative in my head, angry, helpless).
My antibiotics didn't seem to help entirely; I now (other than coughing yellow gunk) have an ear congestion, it seems, and my left ear is acting weird; I hear not all that well and I am really, really bothered. ( have you ever seen a puppy wearing a lamp shade around its head to keep the ears growing straight, and how bothered the poor pup is?.. Yup.. I know just how they feel!).
I just want to get RID of it! Can I stick a candle and light it up? Can I spray nose spray and blow with a hairdryer? Can I just chop it off???!!! And I just can't bare the thought of going to the doctor once MORE and stocking up on even more pills... Another whole big show tomorrow
Think positive, think positive...


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