Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Packing thoughts

As my next flight is approaching, I am getting ready to depart, mentally. I have been home for quite a while, and getting used to another one for the next 5 weeks, is calling for preparation. I start writing a list of things I will need to have with me.
Here is a small section of it:
* My European cell phone+ charger (first thing I do is get my local SIM card so I'd have a local number immediately)
* Electricity plug converters (American laptop is gasping for electricity in Europe.. "Need to be charged.. Need to be chh..")
* Gym clothes/ sneakers ( I don't always find a gym in Europe, as it is not as gym -obsessed as the States, but having the clothes around at least, is the healthier option...)
*Ying Chao pills and other natural remedies for the common cold (can't bother exploring the European "Bio" shops only to find some sugary vitamins).
* My favorite Devachan hair products for curly hair ( you can't find it anywhere but in my shower)
* Evening dress/ shoes/jewelry (" You are cordially invited to attend our bla bla bla Gala event" or : " We are Mr. and Mrs. Owners of the opera world... We'd love to have you join us at the " Owners of the universe" restaurant")
* My Carmen "gadgets": corset, hair extensions, bra pads (!) , castanets. (You never know; YOUR own stuff might be better than theirs or just plainly needed)
* My ARIA book. ("ring ring... This is your manager... Can you sing an audition for La scala tomorrow"?)
Then, of course, there are the regular things that are almost an undetectable part of my suitcase, and the ones that are only seasonal (like; This time around I will take a couple of nice boots and some skirts, so I can fit into the Italian fall first thing, before the shopping...).


Anonymous Giorgia said...

> Ying Chao pills and other natural remedies for the common cold

Well, being Teatro dell'Opera close to the local chinatown (not as chinatownish as the one in other places on the globe, though), I think you'll be able to find Ying Chao pills (somewhat related: for some obscure reason, there's a shop near Piazza Vittorio owned by people from the Philippines who even sell Yerba Mate, which comes from South America, not from the Philippines - that's where I went to get a 1/2 kilogram sopply for Erwin... ;-))

> My favorite Devachan hair products for curly hair

Now, that's interesting. Do they *actually* work? I've tried about a dozen different products for curly (very curly, I mean) hair myself, but for some reason or other they all end up not working anymore after some time...Pantene Pro-V for curly hair *was* the best, then they changed the formula to their after-shampoo gel, and now it's awful. Garnier Fructis also *was* good, but only worked for a few months, then it was just any other shampoo/conditioner thing. Now I'm sort of sticking to Sunsilk (I think it's a Spanish product), but I'm not 100% happy with that (plus I'm fed up with ads showing people with long, blond and perfectly SMOOTH hair!!!)... :-(

> This time around I will take a couple of nice boots and some skirts, so I can fit into the Italian fall first thing

Good move - it's getting colder by the day, here...

8:27 AM  
Blogger Giorgia said...

Of course, I meant to type "supply".

And, of course, any other typo or misspelling in the previous comment was due to the keyboard/blogger/blogspot/the weather/my neighbours/whatever, surely *not* to myself being completely doofus.

Hehehehehe! :-)

8:35 AM  
Blogger Singin'rin said...


Above is the curly hair revolution :)
Basic rules for curls, like: NEVER, EVER SHAMPOO (only no-poo, no detergent gentle ones, or ONLY conditioner), lots of (special, natural) conditioner, some of which you may leave in, and then some special products such as the special curly girl gels. I will show you when I get there, how to crunch the curls up and set them, so there's no frizz eventually :)

9:52 AM  
Anonymous Giorgia said...

Well, thank you! :-)
(although the "no shampoo" bit scares me a little - I *need* to shampoo, otherwise it seems to me I carry all the city traffic smog around with me, which is no, no, no good...hmmm...)

4:41 PM  
Blogger Singin'rin said...

Shampoo= bubbles= detergent= harsh on your scalp and especially on your curls. It strips them off the essential good stuff , and natural moist.
There are replacements for that, such as no detergent shampoos (what doesn't bubble up shouldn't harm you), such as the "no-poo" I use. If you massage your scalp the right way with conditioner, you should be able to get all the city fumes and dirt out, no problem. After the shower, Crunch in to your wet curls some of the conditioner and leave it in. Try a week free of shampoo. See what happens! :)

12:35 AM  

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