Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ahh it's a nice day

I am happy again. My mailbox was flooded with fanmail from last night and I finally got my Italian work visa, and I just can NOT wait till Sunday; my last show before a 2 week break, where I can really be doing whatever. Do you know how MUCH I miss drinking (ahhm..fermented..) grape juice with dinner? (and not grape*fruit juice) ? Simple pleasures such as this go out the window when I have this beeatch CARMEN's health to worry about.
2 weeks of "no worries mate" will do good to this locked up girl. A bit of a Lower East Side infusion instead of the Upper West. The hustle and bustle of China Town on a Sunday morning,the last few rays of a confused late spring day who came back just to put us all in a better mood. Bump into some old friends. Spontaneous party (end up dancing in the living room until 2 in the morning). Stuff. Will I finally get my pianist friend to read some Schumann or some Duparc with me, just for fun? Jese, I haven't touched the art of song for too damn long.


Anonymous rachel89 said...

does grape juice affect singer's voices?

12:40 AM  
Blogger Singin'rin said...

well hardly, unless it's called WINE (which is what I meant...) :p
Any alcohol is not really the greatest thing for your vocal cords before you go on.
For me personally; Drinking alcohol feels like it lowers my immune system (and then it's easier for me to catch a cold). So I usually try to refrain from drinking any while I am in a production; Especially the day/ night before (and of!) a show...

9:19 AM  
Anonymous Scazza said...

Dehydration! Also if it's anything other than wine I don't sleep well, and both are going to make me weak. So yea, alcohol affects voices.

1:11 PM  

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