Friday, October 27, 2006

Rise and shine

Last night I was invited to attend a private concert at Tully Hall. The guest artist was Rolando Villazon.
Now, I've known Rolando for a few years. Not very well, but we've met in Berlin, and later in New York.
I was scheduled to be his original first Carmen, and for reasons I don't care to share right now, I had to pass that opportunity, and let Marina Domashenko get famous instead.
But back to last night; The minute Rolando appears on stage you can see that he's a true star. There is something about stars. I felt the same way when I saw ( then an unknown) Bejun Mehta perform a few years back; Those people step on stage, and it doesn't really matter whether you like their voice or looks or style ; You still have to admit how crystal clear it is: Their future is going to be huge, if everything goes right. They are just DIFFERENT. You can say: BETTER. But most distinctively, they SHINE, like nobody else around.
Rolando was performing a series of modern Greek songs and even though the music wasn't the most brilliant of all compositions, he still made it sound (and look) so profound, sad, beautiful, meaningful, musical, and with constant strong top.
Of course the audience went nuts, especially after the impressive "Granada" encore.
Afterwards we all went to the famous "Cafe des Artists". (I was thinking to my self how ironic it is to call it by that name; this fancy, expensive restaurant most true artists can't even afford to pronounce...) Nevertheless I enjoyed an extremely tasty five course, five star meal, and was being charming and entertaining to the mega billionaire organizers who invited me to come along. Here is an interesting challenge, I actually like: Try to shine *without* any singing.


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