Thursday, November 09, 2006

Buon Giorno, Roma!

Yes yes, I have arrived. Now what? Back home, It took me AGES to decide whether I take the MAC or the PC. I decided on the MAC because I need to get friendlier with it, and it's about time I started to trust it. So what can be a bigger trust test? I brought it with me, only me and Mackypoo, traveling together to this strange internet-iffy place. So, not to my surprise,( but I did hope for a miracle), I got a slap in the face; Wireless has not been invented here yet, and the promised ADSL in the apartment is just .. Not there...Not there at all.

These can be my last words here for a while. So if you are worried , just know that I am probably sitting in some fabulous trattoria in Rome and stuffing my face with a few mozzarella balls or something.


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