Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Learn from your computer

Yup, I have deleted two posts here.
Isn't it great; delete, refresh. All's good !
My husband who is visiting here , gave me some shit for pathetically posting something like: "I sang great but I didn't feel like I got enough clapping". He is right. After the whole Alagna thing ( Alagna:" I sang great but they still booed me") I shouldn't be complaining at all, in fact; not even commenting on it.
I am in Italy, and that's how things happen here. I'll take the clapping, thanks. Delete the entire thing and let's start again:
My husband is here, my old folks are here, I got a little head cold but I will be fine for my last 2 shows, strangled by a Siciliano.
PS I want to buy my last act dress; It gives me a most fantastic cleavage.


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