Monday, November 27, 2006

And so...

Sorry for the delay in writing; Things have been a bit nuts here and since I can be pretty vocal about it, and since it's a public blog, I decided to shut the hell up and try let it pass.
All I *can* say, and so I will, is that one learns to appreciate the union (thank you AGMA!) when there is none.
When any cast member can get fired at any moment for no reason, when rehearsal days can sometimes be 8, 9 hours, no day off, when the less fortunate cast members compete for the premiere until the very last week of rehearsals, and when, oh well, never mind. All of this is the normalcy in Italy, and I think people who are used to working here, are simply used to it.
I took the day off because I felt I was getting sick.
Couldn't sleep for a few nights now, and I got only 1 sweet little Ambien (sleeping pill) left.
You can only dream of (ha ha ha) getting a sleeping pill with no prescription here, so at the pharmacy they gave me valerian, which is a nice herb, but it's probably more useful in a minestrone soup instead.
So I will try go to bed early tonight and think good thoughts about all the good stuff in my life. I am a Labrador, I can do it.


Blogger Canadienne said...

Amen! I really appreciate mandated breaks now that I've done four-hour rehearsals where we didn't even get a two-minute pee break. Ouch!

Toi toi toi. I have a hard time not being vocal, which is why I'm not blogging any more.

6:11 PM  
Blogger Singin'rin said...

Yea...I am learning slowly that we have to take what we need and don't get... But about blogging... sometimes I ask myself, what do I *really* have to lose? It is the KING who's naked, not me, (and after all, if I wanted to see a fat aging "king" in the nude, I'd have become a nurse from the beginning).
...What if my employer reads my blog? or for that matter, ANY important figure in the business? then they'd read the truth. What if they don't employ me anymore because of my blog? then I'll tell you what, maybe I *would* rather become a nurse .... (or heck, just MARRY the old naked dude, wouldn't we all be much better off?) ;)
Toi toi to you too, and, don't forget to pee! :p

4:32 AM  
Anonymous Giorgia said...

Rini - that's one (a few, actually) of the reasons why opera singers (and not only them) are always on a verge of a strike or something here in Italy.
2 weeks ago Cecilia Gasdia wrote to a newspaper and spoke on the telly to remark quite a few incongruencies (I don't even know if such a word exists in English...) in the opera world, asking people in the government to do something. Nothing happened, bar a minister answered via the same newspaper saying "oh, we'll think about that".
Before that, Alfonso Antoniozzi wrote a tirade about the government (and people behind the scenes in theatres administration) not really caring about opera seen as part of our country's culture (it actually is, we invented that, but it doesn't seem so obvious to the government etc...).
Before that, during last year most theatres did strikes on strikes (go ask our mutual friend, you-know-whom-i'm-talking-about, go ask him what happened before the Lombardi premiere in Florence...), to no real extent, since, in the end, nothing, NOTHING ever changes.
Opera artists are pondering yet another strike (or something like that) in the very near future, but nobody's really optimistic about the whole matter, to tell the truth...

5:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brava to you for blogging and sharing your perspective on a singer's life in this wonderful art form we all love! Kol ha kavod!

7:31 AM  

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