Sunday, December 31, 2006

Ciao ciao, 2006

This morning my husband woke up and said "It's the last day of 2006" and I shrug with one shoulder.
I think I didn't like this past year so much, it's been a year of hardship. It felt to me like all the work I've been doing, was not only not paying off, but actually making ME pay, and I am angry. But I do realize that at the same time, this year something unusual happened; Something which doesn't happen so often, and especially not at my age anymore: This past year, I met new friends; Lots and lots of new, good friends. And some of them have become BEST friends, soul mates, people who feel like we have known each other forever and will remain with me for a long long time. So I can be as angry as I want to be at my "career", but what I have gained this past year, is (whether I chose to accept it or not) much more valuable to me than lonely fame. I wish you all a wonderful 2007, and at least one great friend to make it even better!


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