Sunday, December 24, 2006

But not for me (well, alright, let me try)

Ah, the perks of being back home; cook (pretty badly) and bake (it looks like a disaster, but c'mon,taste it first...); I made a cheesecake for my husband. (and I will force him to share it with guests!)
I followed the recipe on the Philly cream cheese pack, more or less, and poof, there appeared a cheesecake. I can't believe how fatty creamcheese cakes really are. If you knew what's in them, you probably wouldn't even dare to touch... ok, I'll tell: 5 packs of cheese (72 grams of fat per pack!), an entire butter stick, 4 eggs, butter biscuits, sugar, what not. Who's the fatso who came up with that recipe? Santa?


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