Thursday, February 22, 2007

And your new mission is...

I first got the offer to sing Dorabella in "Cosi fan Tutte" many years ago, while I was in an extremely insecure relationship (and rightly so) with a young singer. And while trying to learn the piece, I realized I simply couldn't memorize it. I had some kind of a mental block with this specific opera, which is all about change of hearts, betrayal, partners deserting each other.
I was living in such a real fear of it all, I just couldn't do it. Couldn't sing it.
I was offered 5 performances, but luckily soon enough in the process, I got a different job opportunity which I gladly chose to accept instead.
Years have gone by and as I separated from the boy, moved on, and grew up, I got many more COSI engagements, with which I could finally agree, and actually enjoy singing.
My near future holds a lot of them , but I am more than happy to be singing one of the most beautiful ensemble pieces ever written.
This week I was not very busy at home, getting ready to start refreshing my mind with the opera for my summer engagement. (There is always work to do; Mainly to get the music back into the body, the brain, and deep into the heart; But here, in addition to that, there are so many recits and so much music, different companies choose different cuts, and so I always need to relearn a few sentences, or leave a few out by their request).
Now, as surprising as it sounds, I am realizing that my "Secret" plan is already working; I got a call to come and rescue a poor opera company who's lost their Dorabella suddenly , and who's in desperate need of a quick jump in.
Hey, what's a better mind/ voice/ spirit refreshing event than a few shows!


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No particular comment, just: I love you, e ci vediamo nel Connecticut! *smooch*

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