Monday, February 05, 2007

Das himmliche Leben

I caught the flu in Eilat, gave it to the rest of my family, caught a plane back to New York, and then caught a different virus on the top of the Middle Eastern one. With that, I had to go to Philadelphia and sing Mahler 4 as a guest alumna with the Curtis orchestra, on their special appearance concert at the Kimmel Center.
I swear to God, I wasn't so sure I was gonna make it; But staying at the comfy Warwick hotel for 2 nights, being quiet, drinking gallons of water and shoving Zicam up my nose, I somehow got my voice (and some life) back into me, and managed to be ready to sing again in my second hometown. (I say "hometown" because so many people there know me as "Rini" and to me , that means a loving home).
The kids did a wonderful job playing and for those few minutes of heavenly music, on that stage, I was comforted. runny nose and all.


Anonymous Giorgia said...

Brava Rini!!! :)

p.s.: Zicam rules for "naso smoccioloso" (familiar for "running nose")!!!

3:43 AM  

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