Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Getting ready

My friend Monique came up with this brilliant idea for packing:
She dedicates one (bigger) suitcase to clothes, and the other one, to things. I never thought about it, but testing it out, it reveals it self like a small miracle I am witnessing for the very first time!
All my boots, shoes, pants jackets and dresses here. All my scores, cosmetics, purses, STUFF, there. How did I not think about this before????
My friends; I am ready to travel. I have accomplished all my duties here; I finished with the taxes, paid all the bills, I entertained all my friends and visitors, I cleaned the house. It is time.
What is happening to me this week? I am washed with constant waves of anxiety and excitement; I am restless, hyper- active, and scattered; You can find me in a similar state at "Six Flags" usually: running as fast as I can to stand in line for the newest roller coaster.


Anonymous Giorgia said...

Rini, I hope you have a wonderful, WONDERFUL time travelling and singing and seeing old friends and meeting new ones and being just the beautiful person you are! You deserve all the best things in life, and I'm not saying this just cos you're a friend of mine - you just do deserve all the best. :)
Me, I'm off to my parent's hometown in about a hour, I'll be playing with little Diego for a few days, and can't wait.
Speak soon!!! xx

2:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Orchestre De Paris

The Minnesota Opera - Carmen

12:46 AM  

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