Saturday, March 24, 2007

Sempre Libra

This past week has become a dedication to socializing. And I am not talking only about the casual cup of coffee with a friend or the little get together; I'm talking big plans; Huge dinners of huge parties in huge restaurants, meticulously planned (and hosted) semi-official dinner parties, half to entire days of visits with dear friends, as well as the twenty minutes in- between spontaneous coffee grabbing with long lost people who happened to be around at the right time to fill up an empty slot and a much not-needed caffeine ( and the sweets that go with it) overdose.
New York is crazy like that; It's either NOBODY is around or NOBODY is available, (you can die of loneliness and no one would even notice that you're gone), or they are ALL here, at one time, and they all absolutely want to see you. And since everybody's schedule is ticking like a bomb in this spastic town, we all know very well that we have GOT to make it happen. Now.
I like socializing, and I truly love seeing my friends. But this whole 90 MPH breeze of daily events means, that being good and back on track, hasn't happened yet .
I haven't practiced my voice, nor exercised my body, nor started to watch my diet again, nor looked at my score (which as it's been lying on the piano unopened for days, at least I finally DUSTED, while cleaning the apartment spotless for the party) .
I also haven't stopped for a minute to meditate and think positive thoughts about my upcoming three months away from home.
To sum it up shortly; I've been shamelessly flying around like tinker belle turned Martha Stewart, if a bit less skillful than either one of them.
This coming week, this stuff has got to stop. I need to concentrate on my duties. The good Libra that I am; I am starving for balance, again.


Anonymous Giorgia said...

Well, that ain't 100% true - in fact you've done your positive thinking bit: you've though "woohoo! party! friends! yay!!!", which is a positive thought, n'est pas? :)

So, "positive thinking": check.

What's next? :)


3:29 AM  

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