Friday, May 18, 2007


Tonight was a very difficult night to pull off. My "sister" our Fiordiligi has lost her voice and decided to lipsink to her cover who was singing from a pretty far balcony in the house. If you know this opera, you probably can recall that MOST of my stuff is singing ,(and acting, and REACTING) duettes and recites with Fiordiligi, and most of the rest is ensembles (with her as well). Well; Tonight, I had to deal with a Ghost. I had to be believable (and believing) while there was absolutely nothing to help me there. It was pretty doomed.
The only worst thing than being in MY shoes, was being in Hers. (which if you remember, happened to me not too long ago as well...).
But I feel pretty devastated at the moment. Dress rehearsals here are ALMOST as important as opening night; the house is full, and the show runs as it were any normal performance. and, of course, we are being judged just the same, as we will be in a few days. gotta be perfect, honey.
tonight, I simply couldn't.


Anonymous Giorgia said...

erm...I might sound naive, but... why didn't they let the understudy onstage? So that the "official" Fiordiligi could rest and recover her voice (and you could sing to a person, not a ghost)... I remember dress reh of Carmen here in Rome back in November, and Micaela was sick, too, still she decided to go on with her broken voice, and I thought: isn't that going to do more harm to her? I don't understand...

Anyways, don't worry, you'll be gorgeous and wonderful and PERFECT on the prima, mark my words!!!

xx & hugs :)

1:30 AM  

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