Saturday, May 12, 2007

All together now

I realized ,opening that sweet little "GoEar" "Fame" theme song , that I can't help but smile. a BIG smile.
As a 70's baby, I grew up watching (religiously!) the "Fame " series on TV. Never missing a single episode; THIS, was my dream, my vision, after all.
As far as I can remember my self, what I really wished for, was to go to a school like the "Fame" school in New York; Where I would be hanging out with musical geniuses like Bruno, hunky dancers like Leroy, funny girlfriends (such as Doris) and the main thing is, that in our free time, we would gather around the piano (which most likely *I* would play) and start making up beautiful (eighties,lol) (pop,jejeje) songs.(!)
It would start with a mellow verse (my rhymes, chords and melodies would just seem to flow perfectly). For the Second verse, a few of my colleagues would start harmonizing with me. As the song comes together, there will be orchestra, synths, bass and of course drums, added from a few new faces who happened to pass by. A bunch of dancers would drop in and start dancing along. (and don't forget; they'd take it to the streets, too!)
At the end of (MY!) song, the entire school is THERE, making ART! (heehee)...
"Fame" was the reason I didn't go to the local high school where most of my friends enrolled; I chose to commute to the nearest "high school for the arts" I could find. Alas, it was nothing like "Fame", but it got me somewhat closer to the fulfillment of my New York dream.
When I finally came to audition in the States, the "Fame" school didn't exist anymore,(boooo!) and so I began my professional studies specifically as an opera singer, and not the multi- whatever I originally had wanted to become.
I do have a group of immensely talented friends , in Berlin, which comes together periodically , and enjoys endless nights of creative improvisation. And if I lived there, I am sure I would end up doing a number based on my favorite song du jour: "Fame" . :)


Anonymous talia said...

What's "Fame"?

I'm sure being a successful opera singer is way better than a high-school student who sings pop songs. :)

6:14 AM  
Anonymous Giorgia said...

Speaking of '80's songs: spent last night and this morning driving 'round in Tuscany with my friend Antonio, both of us singing along the WHAM! greatest hits...and in the process, we realised that even "Club Tropicana" is a thousand times better than most pop thrash they play on the radio these days.



5:01 PM  
Blogger Singin'rin said...

I'm with you on this one; The 80's was all "feel good" stuff, these days it's pretty much "feel slutty".... :p

5:06 PM  

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