Friday, July 13, 2007

"How do careers just disappear?"

( Quoted from The New Forum for classical singers):
"Could be a touchy subject, but I can't stop thinking about it in light of Jerry Hadley.
How is it that someone can be at the top of the career ladder and then slide so quickly? I mean no disrespect to Mr. Hadley, but it seems clear his career had taken a real downturn, or at least downshift, and this is hardly the first example I can think of. I was thinking about....."..." or, or or.....can't we all just name dozens of people who at different stages of their careers just had momentum utterly dry up? Mrs. ___ was singing at all the major houses, with major artists and at a very high level of artistry. I saw her in concert with Pavarotti. What happened? Was it a choice to stop singing on the road so much? Was there a change in her voice that led to her being not the hot ticket? Same thing for Jerry Hadley--he won Emmy's, Grammy's, sang at all the big houses, had recordings, does that just disappear in a heartbeat? I can name several younger (now early 30's) singers who were the hot ticket 5 years ago and now I hear nothing of them...I don't know if they are singing poorly or if I just read the wrong magzines. _____ was working like a fiend just a few years ago. Now? What happened?
this disturbs me because it seems like we are all so disposable, so easily replaced. There is no real loyalty, no security. It scares me.Thoughts? Ocean Boy."

Jerry Hadley, has shot himself in the head. This made us all think a lot. How fickle and crazy our profession can be, how easy it is to lose what we have, and with it what we believe is our selves. How easily we are forgotten. replaced.
And , if we don't keep something *else* as our truth, how easy it is to just get a rifle.


Anonymous Giorgia said...

The thing is, pressure is not just a singers, an artists' thing, it's in everyday's life, even in non singing people's lives - otherwise one wouldn't understand, say, the lot of mothers killing their own babies because of stress, or other people just not being able to cope with their own lives thus taking them. I don't mean this to be disrespectful to Jerry Hadley nor to anybody else, in any way, but everybody, *everybody* is under pressure - different type of stress, still everybody has to undergo that, and cope with that. Sometimes it's to hard one feels like they can't take it anymore - and some people end up doing things nobody would've expected them to do. As for myself, I have learnt sometimes, when it's just too much, if one just can't go on fighting the pressure the best thing to do is to sit and wait for pressure to diminish a little. Well, that's what I try and do - still it took me literally *ages* to learn that.

7:11 AM  
Anonymous Giorgia said...

plus, I really don't think people are replaceable - maybe their careers are, things surrounding them, but people as human beings just can't be replaced. Being the "new toy" for critics and audiences can be replaced, but if one really touches people's feelings, not just singing, but simply being the person one is, well, that can't be replaced by anything or anyone else.

(hey, Rini, sorry for all this rambling)

7:15 AM  
Blogger Singin'rin said...

Yes. Everybody suffers. No question about it. But there's a slight difference here.
Somebody made a very true and valid point on ACB's blog, here is the link:

9:44 AM  
Anonymous Giorgia said...

Yes, I read that, that's a fair point - if a secretary is fired that won't end up on newspapers, if an opera singer walks offstage for whatever reason, that goes to the headlines. It's the theatrical side of the job that implies that, though - and that's both for the good and for the worst: a secretary doing a good job won't make to the headlines, neither.

12:01 PM  
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