Monday, July 16, 2007

I got WHA?

On my last day of the show, I thought I got a bit of an itchy head.
I couldn't believe it when, at night, after the very last show , the grim reason was found: I think got head lice!
Dude! ! adults don't get lice!!... they get STD's, they get depression, they don't get LICE!! ... I mean, the last time I had lice on my head, was like in second grade! (I remember being fascinated with the little special comb, and with the whole idea of having tenants on the top of your head...)
But, man oh man, what a strange thing (How on EARTH did I get it? I mean.. I didn't roll in the hay, I didn't lock heads with a 4 year old, and I swear to God, I wash my hair and clean behind my ears every other day!).
So, here I am, waiting for my driver to pick me up to the airport, with a LICE SHAMPOO on, making a patriotic effort to get rid of these British freeloaders, complying with the American I.N.S request not to bring any foreign animals in.
See you back home , with a much clearer head. X


Anonymous Giorgia said...

WTF & Bl00dy bl00dys!!! Blame it to Glyndebourne sheep! Just going BAAAH! they unleash lice all over the place, methinks...
Get un-liced (LOL) soon!!! :) :) :)

4:37 AM  
Blogger ACB said...


12:49 PM  
Blogger Patty said...

How miserable for you. I'm so sorry.

My daughter "blessed" our family with lice once. "But mommy, I asked the other girl if she had lice and she said "no" so I gave her my brush." Sigh.

I know the pain, to be sure. We finally got these "magic" little combs and that was the best way to rid ourselves of the tiny beasts.

I hope the critters leave quickly for you.

1:52 AM  

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