Sunday, February 10, 2008

Laissez moi passer

Getting ready for my last Carmen, before I have to wait almost a year to meet with her again. Quite sad, since she is my favorite of all, and none of the others that I will portray come close.
Lucky I had a few days in between my shows here, just to take a good advantage of this luxury hotel and its SPA; I arrived here in a mad condition; All of a sudden I had the time to take a close look at the magnifying mirror in the bathroom and to my horror, find a very neglected self.
So I had a few days to calm down and (when not relearning this bitch Rosina), do my nails, and work out, and in the evening, after jacuzzi and steam, sit with a big white bath robe and gaze at the nonsense on MTV.
I am packed again, and about to go to yet another country, another production, a different cast. Life on the road is like the special treats we stumble upon: it's shit and it's great at the same time, and we must grab it while it's there.


Blogger Vilaine said...

Bon voyage, la belle !

xxo, mlr

11:44 AM  

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