Thursday, January 31, 2008

Time, not enough of it.

So I have 6 days at home. four of them passed by like a mad motorcyclist on coke. I don't have much more time for all the stuff I was supposed to do, and still haven't: Figure out my taxes (since I won't be here before), take some voice lessons (to fine-tune and make sure I am on the right track), coach (I will be working non stop until my Barbiere, and trying to start preparing NOW, I am shocked to find out, that even though I *did* that role 2 years ago, I have absolutely NO recollection of it. Nada. was I even THERE, or was it a dream? I mean, I got my BLOG to prove it!...)
And oh, I need to *pack!*
gotta gooooo!


Blogger giorgia said...

I'll happily volunteer as a prompter for Il barbiere, if needed! ;)

12:46 PM  
Blogger Vilaine said...

Bon courage, ma belle !


9:48 AM  
Blogger Singin'rin said...

Merci, (or: Mercy!) hehehe... Big Muah :-*

9:57 AM  
Anonymous Jeff said...

RELAX, enjoy the trip, sing your heart out, and everything will be well.

5:27 PM  

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