Monday, January 07, 2008

wurst und kartoffeln

Don't say I didn't warn you: if you happen to keep kosher, be a vegetarian, or simply monitor your fat intake, don't come here!
I am only saying that because after a month of culinary despair, I am still trying to figure out where do the locals here get their vitamins; Heavy cheese and all kinds of pig parts stuffed into something is the most common (sometimes it seems like the only!) food here, and if you really insist on vegetables, you are most likely to get a potato. When you watch the locals you can see where all of this goes, and I must say, they are lucky, the women here; they get zaftig,and porky , but its mainly all in their tits and ass. (where as when I dare to take a bite off some damn bratwurst next thing I know it shows on some strange spot on my body. never a good one.)
Yes, my friends, it's been hard. Not only do I have a breakfast buffet every morning in my hotel, which day after day is testing my will power and good common sense , but I really don't seem to have too much of a choice.
I do go to the hotel gym and spa, and I've gotta tell you that even that doesn't leave me all too comfortable.
One evening my husband and I decided to visit the Sauna before our swim, and to our horrified discovery, the people in that tiny room, were all crammed on the hot bench, butt naked. sitting there in silence, with all their well-fed fatty tits ass and bits hanging off the shelf. Now don't get me wrong I am all for nudism, I am open minded and au natural is the way to be, but then again, it was quite bizarre to see Herr Natuerlich "hanging out" there, a tiny meter away from me, and then , see him again the next morning, at the breakfast buffet, enjoying a selection of sausages and potatoes.


Blogger Vilaine said...


I love you!


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Even we heard about before - we laughed again!!

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