Sunday, December 16, 2007

Ready, go.

We finally made it to the last show. number 10. All packed, I am getting ready to get back home for less than 24 hours, just enough to unpack my summer gear, repack with heavy winter equipment, and return to the airport. This time, I am flying to Europe. It would make it almost 4 months with only 5 days home. (then I return for 3 days, and off again... basically the same story, for a few more months). Pretty tiring and exciting at the same time. And as long as I can still be with my husband, and get to renew the clothes in my suitcase, I think I should be alright. Good friends are awaiting me wherever I go, (and the ever- promising possibility that I might even score a good, fulfilling production too!). Goood bye lovely Miami. So long, my beloved summer!


Blogger coloratur...aaah said...

n'sia tova, and I'm going to Japan in 4 days- any recommendations in Tokyo or Kyoto ? :)

1:31 PM  
Blogger Singin'rin said...

You need no recs; You'll see for yourself; Iv'e been to Tokyo and it's absolutely amazing in every way. Just follow the neon lights :)
and, if you love Japanese food, you are simply going to *die* of happiness!!!
nesia tova gam lach! :)

2:14 PM  

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