Thursday, October 25, 2007

mi-amor mi-ami

My heart was becoming more and more cheerful as I packed my next-two- months of stuff, getting ready for Miami.
And my heart rejoiced as I landed in this very much missed summer. And out of me came a deep cry of joy, out-loud, as I merged my entire body with the warm and soft marshmellow waves.
Nobody was around, but a sun about to set and a little salty moon in the distance , some pink and grey indecisive clouds.
I was the definition of happiness.
Why do I feel so content here? is it the climate which is so familiar? the same hot breeze and the same heat which were the oxygen of my childhood? the same bushes and flowers and trees I used to know so well?
is it the lazy slow- dance-like air which makes you believe that, no matter what duties you might have to fulfill, you are still allowed to retire, give in to pleasure, give yourself back?
The constant feeling that at the end of the day, (whatever it might have been), you (whoever you are) still deserve, (no matter what), that sensual feeling; sitting outside , surrounded by beat, people, dim lights, and the promise that mother sea is just around the corner, watching over you.
Is it that all elements can sometimes simply embrace you and make you feel that you've done good and good is being done to you?
Out my window, there's a bay so blue, and little lights far away.


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