Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Ready for tomorrow

The cough has slowly left me. At the final rehearsal before the dress, I was still sounding pretty hoarse, but being quiet afterwards, not giving up to the tempting idea of drinking alcohol with the rest of my cast, and sleeping enough, I finally have gained my power back, and the dress rehearsal went well, I though.
The entire past week, in between rehearsals I was giving many interviews to the local television, radio, papers, (" you ARE famous!" called the trainer at my gym who was so very excited to find me in the news), and on my day off , we went to the wonderful place called Akaroa, tucked between lakes and mountains, where we enjoyed some awesome fish and chips (or as they say here: "Fush 'n Chups"), and, sono contenta.
I now understand why a colleague of mine divides his busy operatic schedule equally between major, world class high paying opera companies, and then, between much smaller ones; This is the answer I came up with: It is at the later, where you can release the pressure a bit and restore your confidence!
My friend could sing his heart out ( and indeed he's most talented!) in some world's famous- big city -hotshot -opera house only to get almost ignored by the jaded, seen-it-all management / press / audience.
Or he can sing in smalltown, nowheredia, and as it is so much more raw in a way, and new, and exciting for everyone, my friend could move the entire place into tears of joy with the sheer sound of an honest, heartfelt song. (This special feeling, I can still remember from singing at an old people's home, or at a church; The pure giving, to people who are there to receive, not to judge.)
This must be the reason this colleague of mine is mixing his venues so frequently, and being here, on the other side of the world, I realize that singing for 1200 people, in an opera company run by 3, can still be so gratifying.
I actually feel appreciated. And that makes me want to sing out , and sing well.


Anonymous vilaine fille said...

This is another post that moved me to tears. Brava, brava!

I think it's already tomorrow by you, or close. In bocca al lupo and MALPT (m*rde à la puissance treize) !

I am thinking good thoughts for you. And I went to the damn gym (TM) today, in your honor!

xxo, mlr

9:37 AM  
Blogger Singin'rin said...

Thank you thank you thank you! :)
I feel so relaxed here, I might just give a new meaning to the opera! (all sung with a grin.. including the death scene!) :p
Lots of love to you, M! xoxo r.

7:11 PM  

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