Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Trust fund

my friends.. on a positive note; We DO TRUST each other.
As I was waiting in line at the airports after customs, waiting to fish my 2 suitcases off the carousel, I realized that trust among humans still exists!
Here we are, the entire cargo of a Boeing 777, waiting in line to catch a (not so fresh) luggage out of a large and colorful collection, which is circling in front of us like little nigiri plates in an "All you can eat" Sushi bar .
And I am jet lagged and my thoughts wander: If , let's say, there was a conveyor belt in the middle of .. Times Square... would we just place our purse on there and wait to see if it ever comes back to us after one round?..
But here at the airport, (where we suspect the little old lady's shoe as a bomb delivery method), when it comes to our possessions, we still trust our fellow class mates! (And when I say "class" I also mean, that we count on the strange assumption that if they can pay their airfare, they would most likely not bother to risk it for my old concert gown and Mezzo anthology). Anyways.. Good to be back. :)


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