Friday, August 24, 2007

Passport found (well, 2 of them)

Now, I got a new passport. Fabulous service I used:, which helped me with all my special needs (As I am not a natural born citizen) and got me an even better passport (I like my photo on this one slightly better than the old one) in like 2 days.
And guess what; 2 hours after the initial joy of receiving it by Fedex, back from the NZ embassy, stamped and all, I get a knock on my door and there's the UPS man, with my OLD passport. (which of course is canceled, and I already put my self on an identity fraud alert). Nobody in UPS ever bothered to call me and inform me that it was found after all. Like nothing happened. A month later, there it was: my "over night" package.
Can you imagine how MAD I was?
To cut it short; We are going to the magical land of the lord of the rings, and I am back again to my favorite role of all. (and I won't have to sing lower thirds to some soprano the entire evening....jk jk).


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