Monday, July 30, 2007

At home. Vacation.:

When normal people take a vacation, they go as far away from home as they can go. For me, coming back home is what I've longed for.
It's been two weeks since I got back, and it's been so good.

Only yesterday the thought occurred to me, that I should probably start singing again, but after trying to warm up for about 10 minutes I gave up; I have been working for 4 months straight and frankly, I was just tired of it for the moment.

What's more like it, and what I have been doing since I returned, was: going to the beach with my hubby and best friends, having cocktails and a B.BQ by the poolside, Visiting the local amusement park and fair , going shopping, enjoying the sunshine in the park, watching a Shakespeare play outdoors at sunset, going to the movies (Die Hard 3 wasn't bad), cooking fantastic dinners and lounging on the sofa watching plenty of DVD's in our cool living room, splurging on a few good meals out, having friends over, meeting friends at the bowling alley (not my cupcake but hey, it's a nice change from the solitude and rain I've had so far as a summer). I am taking a vacation, and my voice is too.

Tomorrow will be when I restart my work engine. Gotta get into shape for my next gig, and I am actually feeling ready to sing again.


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