Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A day after, a few before.

I am entering my 7th week away from home, and the very last one on this trip. After 5 I usually get a little anxious and pretty much home sick. True, I have set a life here , that means: cooking, laundry, supermarkets, gym routine, sleeping pattern, friends and outings. Yet, after 5 weeks I am starting to miss what I left behind, and by the sixth, I am starting to pack up and day dream of home.
Opening night went great for everybody. The audience here truly sense that they are in for a treat, and every show night, there's that festive feeling in the air, there's a new show full of surprises, (like I like it: living, breathing art), and then there's an extremely gratifying bow call for all of us. :)
For this run, we decided to use my own hair extensions which I brought with me. (I learnt to travel to my Carmen gigs with: my castanets, my corset, my bra pads, my entire make up kit, and with my own stage hair extensions, just in case),and I also opted to do my own makeup. (usually I am provided with the company's extensions/ wig, and with a makeup person, but here, in a newly-born opera company with a large cast and a shortage of personnel, I decided to help out and practice my stage makeup knowladge).
I actually quite like it; By painting my own face, I am in charge of what I look like, and I also find it calming, almost meditative.
It is raining today, on my day off. Exhaused and pretty happy, I am staring at the TV then slowly drifting away, starting to think about life ahead.


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