Sunday, October 21, 2007

Switchen Sie

I am amazed to report, that I experience absolutely NO jet lag after landing back in New York. I just had all meals on time, and slept like a baby during regular night hours.
A good thing, since I start rehearsals in two days. I literally had just about enough time to get all my winter clothes out the suitcase, and refill it with 2 pairs of bating suits a straw hat, beach towels (and then, some other summer dresses) since I am going into summer again, yay!
I seem to switch between Carmen and Dorabella, winters and summers, like AM sneakily turns into PM, but it's OK by me.
I loved seeing some of the amazing views of New Zealand (especially on my last free day there, where we were taken on a private helicopter scenic tour!), and now I am off to one of my favorite places to be working at: Miami! (hot hot hot!).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Rinat. I'm a singer from Christchurch and I absolutely loved your performance there. It really inspired me. One thing I did want to ask you was about how you switch from opera to jazz so well. I saw you singing Route 66 in Taking Sides and was amazed at the difference in sound. How do you approach singing the two different styles? Do you use a different space - how do you produce two different sounds?

12:26 AM  
Blogger Singin'rin said...

Thank you very much ! I loved singing Carmen for you all out there! :)
I am by all means no expert on jazz (or ANY, for that matter) singing; Whatever I do for fun remains just that; How I see it, (and it's hard to explain, especially in writing) is that the difference in sound production has to do with the amount of air you allow out "on the top" of your sound. To produce an "operatic" sound, you conserve the "airy" part of the note (so there's not much escaping of air, for better projection..That's what your teacher might call "support" "breath control" etc), where as in other genres, you actually can allow "airy" sound. (perfect for the mic).
try this: sing a note.(+ vibrate it).
Then , sing the same note (+vibrate it) WHILE exhaling especially hard. Hear the difference? Of course when you really sing either style, naturally, there's more of a fine line between the two, and from there, there is an entire other aspect which is "style" of course. Hope this make some sense.. :)
Enjoy your singing, ALL kinds of it, and good luck! X r.

1:14 AM  

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