Thursday, November 01, 2007

Lashes talk

And on the topic of Makeup:
I notice that my lashes were not feeling too good after the summer where I was wearing mascara every day for rehearsals. I used only the good stuff (Yves saint Laurent, Dior, etc) but I still noticed that my lashes were getting weaker and fewer.
Lately , I went to sephora and got me a couple of products I am testing:
Talika "Lipocils" ( eyelash conditioning gel)
and Supernova "Fresh" mascara
Both are supposed to promote the eyelash growth.
I will report in a few weeks and let you know what's up, or not.


Anonymous Muzzy said...

Arabella says a leetle bit of coconut oil restores them quickly -- and it's also a wonderful product for curly hair. (And, yes, she still doesn't shampoo -- merci to Carmen for that.)

And I say it's deeeeeelicious

9:40 PM  
Anonymous giorgia said...

...did I hear (ok, read) "wonderful product for curly hair"?? :D

1:16 PM  
Blogger Singin'rin said...

OK. Results are in:
I grew *a* LASH. one. one extra lash on the bottom of my left eye.
Nothing else really. is it worth the $60+ and a whole moth of religiously applying morning and evening?
next to try: coconut oil ... :) x

10:29 AM  

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