Thursday, November 15, 2007


I have been driving a lot in Miami. Mostly because one HAS to, in order to get anywhere good. but the real reason it's been so excessive for me, is that I shamefully own an extremely poor sense of direction, and I am bound to get lost on almost every driving expedition, unless it's my usual route (to the beach, to the supermarket, to rehearsal).
So, on my 4 hours off one lovely afternoon, I took my husband hoping for a nice walk in Coconut grove, maybe some ice coffee and a cake, a stroll under the beautiful Miami setting sun.
This turned out to be a slow, most annoying crawl in traffic, getting lost, driving in circles, trying to ask for directions (nobody speaks English), and heading back home. 3 hours in the car, and none of the relaxing time I promised. This keeps happening to me, whether I print Map quest directions (are they EVER right?) ahead of time , or whether I write it down directly from the mouth of trustable locals. Lost.
Other than that, we are almost done with the preparation for the show, which we are opening on Saturday.
A lot has been said by me about Cosi , and this is no different. I am still trying to figure out how to adopt to being an exaggerated, childish personality who keeps singing a third bellow a star-soprano for 4 endless hours, (but then, never ever feeling appreciated enough at the end). This is only the nature of the role, (yes; I am the "violist" in this ensemble... go ahead, crack a joke...). This ain't Carmen. and depending on the direction and on the rest of your cast, it can go a half an inch deeper, or not. That said, I am loving the music (especially the quartet and trio in the first act), it's always great to sing me some mo Mozart,("it's like Buttah!") and my current cast and crew are all a joy, as is Miami itself, even with its crooked roads.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi! Buy yourself a "Navigator" GPS (here we have "MIO" brand...) and never get lost again!! (hopefuly)

4:19 AM  
Blogger Singin'rin said...

Yea.. I know! Verizon (my cell phone provider) actually has a GPS system ready on most of their phones ($9.99 monthly and unlimited driving directions right on your speaker phone!) Unfortunately MY dumbass model, just cant seem to have the capability for that program.
I just realized that my car rental company does rent out little GPS devices for hopeless drivers like me... I might try it out... :)
thanks! xoxo

8:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's the first time i read your (or anyone's) blog. realy nice writing!!!
it just reminded me a nostalgic sceen; you just got your license, we are driving in the old car of your dad in Haifa. there where so many big holes in the floor and very little breaks... we were wondering if we would have to just move the car with our feet!
ho how nostalgic :-)

7:35 PM  

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