Sunday, December 23, 2007

Il est toujours agreable d'esperer

I had a clue before coming here, about the kind of production this Carmen was going to be. I heard first hand from a friend who once flew here to jump in, that it was "another kind of a" show. She didn't really have the chance to find out much more about it, but from what she had said and from the few photos I could find on line, I knew I did not need to bring my castanets or my corset or any of the usual Carmen stuff I have up my sleeve; This was going to be different.
I also knew, that a returning production in Europe, usually doesn't get the pleasure of ever seeing the original director again, or having a thorough rehearsal process; You most likely get an assistant director to give you the straight dry blocking, over a day, or two (if you are lucky), and then off you go onto stage, and do what you think you should do.

I was quite right with my expectations. However, this show, as much as the cynicals and old fashioned might call it "Eurotrash", (this term refers to operas that are staged completely untraditionally, often to a point where the regie has nothing to do with the piece really), this show actually could make sense to me, and seems to interest me much more than some of the traditional, old n' boring Carmens I have seen (or sometimes done). Here I am the creation of Jose's sick mind. Jose the paralyzed, Jose the mad man.
A lot of (could be great) theater, meticulously choreographed, and not much, or nothing really, of the usual.

Normally , I would rejoice with the idea of exploring such a new concept. But with it, at the moment, I feel a bit overwhelmed; stepping into a character I am absolutely not familiar with (as this Carmen is not my regular Mediterranean, fiery woman, but more of a quiet dominatrix in an evening gown), but lordy lord, would I love the guidance of the director, (N/A) and 2 months of good dramatic work (N/A) , with my Jose (N/A), and with the rest of the cast (N/A).

Right now, I am left to my own devices (or: advices.. ha), with 4 days of Christmas "vacation" alone in the hotel, and a little archival DVD I can watch on my computer and try to remember. After that I go on stage, and show the world whether I can still manage to build and present a true (!) Carmen ,even though of a completely different spelling, out of the comfort of my own hotel room.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Rini,

you don't know me, but I'm in the same boat right now. Singing Carmen in a production in Germany where I'm mostly in his head and it's all about José and Micaela's marital problems. Only ours makes no sense whatsoever, and I believe he might have stolen some ideas from your production when it came out. Only we have IKEA furniture. And the director has no clue what to do my my character...

Hope you can relax with the rest of the country in Xmas frenzy...I plan on going out for Chinese food with a few Jewish friends.


7:57 AM  
Blogger Singin'rin said...

Dear N hi. I guess it is up to us , whether there's a clueless director, or NO director, or great director but absent, or no rehearsal, or too much rehearsal, or lousy cast or "much better than me" cast. It's always up to US. And sometimes we manage to float and sometimes, we simply can't, no matter how talented we might be... (This, unfortunately, I know from experience)... I am hopeful about my upcoming shows, and will try my best to still bring what *I* can bring , into what is a foreign playground to me.
Toi toi toi to you too, and be careful around these IKEA furniture; they tend to fall apart! :-p
Happy Chinese food!
xoxo R.

8:18 AM  

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