Monday, December 24, 2007


THE DRESS (Carmen, Dec, Jan 2008)
(PS this is not me in it, however, this IS the dress I will wear)

THE TEMPTATION (Germany, Dec, Jan 2008)

...THE DRESS (Carmen, dec, Jan 2008) ...


Anonymous Muzzy said...

Leading postmodern critic Jacques de la Petitfour recently published his study in which he compared Merrimee's original manuscript with the printer's galleys.

Page by page there was one major discrepancy: where the printed had Carmen, Merrimee wrote in his own hand... Carbman.

Petitfour feels that Jose's mental illnesses include anorexia and that Carbmen's fundamental cri de coeur is "Mange de tout! Mange de tout!" This -- not her leaving him for Escamillo -- is what drives him to take a fatal slice out of the delicious cake she is.

You've got all the tools to fulfill the novel, Rini.

I know it's daunting. But sometimes a true artist simply has to swallow hard and find the truth all others neglect.

8:30 AM  

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