Thursday, April 08, 2010

In short

A month go by, or two and I haven't written on here mainly because of the ups and downs. Sometimes it's just too much of it too put it all into a long blog entry.

Thank God for Twitter where I can briefly sum up my day with not too much explaining to do. The advantage of being a woman of few words is great when my voice or my body or my soul are simply too overworked.
But Berlin was wonderful, and the production (a returning one where I was to be the premiering mezzo, but for unfortunate schedule reasons, I had come to sing it only now), this production agreed with me. A bare stage with a shallow pool in its middle and sand surrounding it, a little black short dress, that's all. Oh, and everybody dies. A recipe to my own liking.
In this one, (unlike the previous production, see below), I switched back to the more cruel Carmen, the lioness who falls for the lion, not for the wolf. And at the very last scene, Escamillo's dead body which is carried across stage, is what motivates her to face her own death. Not the fathomed freedom she has been fighting for, but a real, true love which would be realized only in death.
Anyways... Back home, I managed to do a successful photo shoot with one of the best fashion photographers around- Fadil Berisha (some of the results you can check out on my FB page).
Now I am off again, back to work, 5 months 'on the road'.
Will update Twitter in between blog posts . :)


Blogger david.bresch said...

How does anyone stay as forever beautiful as you do? I asked you out for coffee 9 years ago and you were not available (though even your refusal was gracious), but you are just as beautiful now as you were then!

4:38 PM  

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