Sunday, January 26, 2014

So… I  am in Hamburg, to work on a new play (yes- in the theater. As  an actor), which was written inspired by a series of personal interviews with me.
The play, (called "Carmen disruption"),  wonderfully written by the great London playwrite Simon Stephens, will premiere here in Hamburg on March 15. It will involve 5 characters (actors) and a full acting chorus.
 Shortly after arriving into Hamburg, I learnt that the opera here is about to open with Carmen.I thought it would be a relief for them to know that I am going to be in town, if they ever need an emergency Carmen jump in. Little did I know , this was going to happen quite fast. On Tuesday late afternoon, I got the call asking me if I could jump in the following day.   I thought it would be interesting for you to know what is the process of a quick "Jump in":

The Chronology of a jump in 24 hours:  

1) (5 PM) Phone call from my current employer (The theater) telling me the opera house is looking for me, and handing me a number to call
2)  Phone conversation with the person from the opera house, asking me if I could  possibly sing the following evening. (An email has been already sent to my manager)
3) Waiting until 7 PM to hear whether I am indeed needed (has the singer decided to cancel or not)
4) Getting the green light
5) Go back to hotel from my current , full day of  theater rehearsal, quickly shower, go to opera house
6) (7 PM)  Meet with assistant director, go through  at ll the dialogues (they are doing full version of spoken dialogues, a version I fully did last in 2004)
7)  Go back to hotel, go through the dialogues,  try to sleep
8)  (10 AM) Get breakfast, go to opera house.
9) work with assistant director , (in a rehearsal room… Stage won't be ready until the show). Quickly hearing what my general moves will be on stage ("Come onto stage with chorus. Stop here. Get shoes from on-stage locker #4. Throw scarf to the right. Throw shoes at this direction. Go dance with the chorus guy on Stage left"… Etc etc )
10) Meet with conductor, go through a few musical points  (" I am doing a Fermata on this note. Taking a breath here.." )
11)  (1PM) Go to costume department, try to fit into all kinds of different alternative costumes (fit for my size and body) and try get the right shoes. (This, is not a simple process.. since they don't have exactly what works for my shape, and will need to quickly adjust different current costumes, and assemble some new pieces for me).
12) Go into makeup room, try fit wig/ extensions (That work with my hair color and texture).
13) Go into a dressing room and warm up (Haven't sung a note for a .. loooong time)..
14)  Get some  quick lunch to go
15) (2 PM) Eat very , very quickly  
16) Try , just try to sleep a little (got 1 hour)
17) Go to the theater for make up / hair  call (5PM).
18) Go get dressed  (6:30 PM)
19) Warm up a bit more, get ready
20) Meet with my Don Jose, go quickly through our dialogues together, and "mark" the knife moment.
21) Show begins.  Go on stage and try to remember what to do, where to go, what to say
22) Try to sing, too. (and act). ;)


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