Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Carmen Disruption at the Almeida

  • An opera singer, a real one,  quits. I am not entirely sure what are all the reasons for her to make such an enormous decision, but I find it fascinating that  this  comes right as the play about an opera singer who quits, is opening at the Almeida theater in London, and I've been (again) busy with this play, in my mind and in my heart. 
  •  You can read here all about Carmen Disruption , and me, and how this came about, through the beautiful. beautiful  words of my playwrite and friend Simon Stephens. 

    "I wanted to tell the story of an opera singer who through years of travel and the dislocation of the virtual world was starting to lose any sense of where she ended and the opera began. All around her the people in the streets of an unnamed European city began to blur into the characters of the opera."


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