Sunday, December 25, 2016

  • My dear friends! 
    ***Please help save a singer from Homelessness!*** 
    Bellow is a fundraiser a personal good friend of mine created. 
    She is a wonderful , extremely smart and talented lady, and such a loving and kind human.
    But for many reasons , she found herself singing in the subway tunnels of Paris , where even the few coins that used to be tossed in her hat , have recently stopped due to lack of tourism and harsher circumstances around the world.
    She is not well and is unable to work, like most of us can.
    If you can spare *something* this could help her to pay a rent deposit for a new place , hopefully , BEFORE she is (soon) evicted from her tiny 6th floor walk up attic.
    We are ALL artists and we are ALL aware of the possibility of the END of our work options.
    Many thanks for your kindness.

    PLEASE CLICK HERE to support


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