Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Not Zen

Today is my third day here. Do you think I know WHERE I am or what I am doing? I slid off the taxi into my apartment hotel which put me up in a little flat facing a crazy-busy highway. My first mission , before anything, was to find me a local SIM card for my cell phone. But after going to the mall and realizing that A) absolutely NOBODY spoke a word in neither English nor Italian
B) None of the cell phone store carried SIM cards... I met a friendly Italian guy in the lobby and since he could somehow communicate in Spanish with the store owners, and in Italian with me, he gladly volunteered to walk around together until we finally found a store that carried the card. (and until he wanted to "cook me some Pasta and have some vino" and all else that married Italian men are interested in). I thanked him for his kind help and for his invitation but politely declined, and since my bro E. is here, we met up and grabbed some delicious tapas dinner around the corner. (and nothing can top meeting up with close friends in a strange place, ESPECIALLY when you feel lost!). The next day was spent on : repacking, moving to a supposedly quieter unit, and taking off to rehearsal. You must look up this bizarre opera house; It looks (and feels) like a spaceship from Star Trek. It took me 46 minutes to go around and around it ,(crossing back and forth bridges over fake swimming pool- like rivers) until I found the entrance, and by the time I arrived into rehearsal , I was beat. Thank God I already did that production and it is only a wee role for me.
Got back "home" to discover that the elevator is right on the other side of my pillow. Slept hardly 4 hours, went to rehearsal, came back, grabbed a quick dinner with my friend B. who is also singing here, went to hear E. singing this Alagna piece, slept for 5 hours, and moved to yet another unit.
That was now, and in an hour I am off to rehearsal.
And people always rush to ask me: "So... did you SEE _____ (put here any city I sing in)?" and I can then refer them to this blog.


Anonymous Jeff said...

I did see the Opera House and the buildings around it. (Google "Valencia Spain" and a lot of sites showing it will come up.) Bizarre doesn't begin to describe it! I can't imagine what it is like inside.
Try the paella. The city is known for it.

10:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do not fret so! Things will be fine. I kind of thought that 'big, in charge' E would come to your rescue what with being kind, speaking the language and having been there before. I am looking forward to seeing you, E, the company, Valencia and the space station next month. Thanks for the warning - I shall leave loads of time to find my way in.
Sorry about the anon. Having probs with passwords etc.

3:48 PM  

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