Sunday, April 27, 2008

That which is good

Four hard shows in one week. Three of them with a bad cold, and semi- functioning vocal cords. It is hard to see the triumph through all of it if you are a self-toughy like me, so on the (depressing) day after my last show, (where I don't have any more chances to redeem my self), I am gathering a list of all things that *did* make this a victory for me, and other little stuff I am happy about;
*My public. Some of them are rough here, but as this Venice has a small-town feel to it, "what people say" counts, and they said (to each other) that they loved me. ( :-D) (ps to my friends; you can see on my site the 2 reviews I got in the papers).
* My parents who came especially to see the last show were so ecstatic and proud to watch me from their royal velvet seat at this breath- taking beautiful opera house, singing this role.
* Dozens of locals that I met here became good friends. They helped me feel like I belonged, and I will never forget their genuine kindness, which feeds my own.
*I got to sing, and live HERE! in beautiful, wonderful, amazing Venice. precious, rare, fragile, magical Venezia.
*I had a most beautiful time (and where else could it be SO romantic!) while my husband was visiting me.
* I did it. I defeated my fears, (oh no; should I admit this publicly or am I going to pay for my vulnerability later?) and I dared at the face of self doubt, and hey: I did it.
*I spoke Italian. non stop. ( even if sometime non-sense) :).
(*I now *know* where the damn supermarket is!)
*Each and every one in my cast had different stage skills I admire and can learn from.
(* And hey, miraculously, my hair conditioner, (the one and only) , lasted exactly (to the last drop) until the day I left.Ha.)


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