Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Buon Giorno

Venice is known for its pigeons. They actually seem very sweet and they make San Marco Square look like an even more happy and colorful place; They are such a perk here, that tourist with not much of a brain come from all over the world to buy a tiny little bag which contains bad popcorn seeds that some crooks here sell for a Euro fifty; (about 1000% profit), and the whole purpose is to feed these flying rats and have them gather around in demand for more (that's when one spends another Euro fifty, and proceed to photograph the event).

Well, these pigeons, about fifty of them, park outside my window. There's a low roof leveled just across from my bedroom, and there they wake up, at around 6 AM, and there they start to coo in a sound which to me resembles a bunch of religious freaks in a loud , very loud prayer, which lasts about 4 hours.

Mind you, I can't sleep come 6, and if I open the window (feathers and leaves swirl in the air and fly back at me) the pigeons don't even move; They simply stare at me with this look in their wide- awake eyes: "where's my popcorn, b*^&tch?"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Even if it is very sad, we had a good laugh.
(Gues who!)

12:38 PM  
Anonymous giorgia said...

Ach! Bloody pigeons!
I don't know if this can work with Venetian pigeons as well, but my sister had pigeons annoying the hell out of her outside her windows in Mozzarellaland, too, and she solved the problem putting some stripey things waving outside the windows - she just cut some plastic bags in stripes and hung them outside the windows - pigeons got annoyed by that and haven't been seen on her windows' sills ever since...
If this doesn't work, you can feed them doped popcorn: give 'em sleeping pills! :D

4:59 PM  
Blogger Qassandra said...

הי ריני,
לפי החישוב שלי, לא התראינו בערך 15, אך אנו עוקבים אחרייך בהתפעמות...

בערב פסח תתקיים מן פגישת מחזור של "בוגרי בית רוטשילד" לדורותיהם וחשבנו שאולי אולי תהיי בארץ עם המשפחה... אבל לשיר רוזינה בתיאטרו לה פניצ'ה קצת יותר חשוב.....:)

בכל אופן בהצלחה עם רוזינה ואני מקווים שנתראה בארץ כשתגיעי לעשות את כרמן...

ד"ש מכל החברים בחיפה (לא כולם עוד בחיפה...)

(וגם בוריס מוסר ד"ש)
אני בסקייפ - raqefet.a.yedidia
וגם בפייסבוק

5:24 PM  
Anonymous giorgia said...

I dunno what Qassandra, above here, is saying, but there's a smilie at the end of the second paragraph so it must be something nice... :))

1:46 AM  
Blogger Singin'rin said...

Hey hey! thanx gio': Got all kinda advice regarding the little beasts (from buying a plastic owl or a dummy snake) ...(where on earth do I find THESE items in here? to "kill them" (yea right) ... hehe... I know about the rattling bags but I am screwed cuz as I looked again, I realized that the entire back side of the building, is a multi- surface roofs and levels and there's no WAY I can get plastic to all of their "floors"... However, I tried to sleep with the (noisy) A/C on tonight (yea!), and it kinda covered up the coo's :) Halleluya! :D Baci XOXO!

2:54 AM  
Blogger Singin'rin said...

Ahalan Raqefet! Ma haEenyaneeeem! haha yes: it actually has been what, like since 1990 or so! Sorry I will miss the reunion, but sure would love to see everybody when I am in for a little longer than a week... and, on another sentimental note, I just discovered that Mr. I.D uploaded THIS unforgettable late 80's hit on Youtube:

Bwaahaaaaaa! :D

Da'sh ve neshikot le kol ha hevre!

3:00 AM  
Blogger Qassandra said...

dear god, i am actually in that video (you can still see my shadow in the last few frames), supposed to be part of the "Haparpar Hamechani". it didn't work out....
Well, i am more seriously into singing nowadays. doing some Schubert now...

5:13 AM  
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